Friday, March 21, 2008

..with a li'l bit of a flashback

i know you beka rebekah the blonde
i've been forever a frog in a pond
of mani and pedi are you not fond
ah! flowers and stars to gaze beyond "

you visit the church to say a prayer
the good ol' mayor should also care
for dogs 'n cows 'n cats or the mare
'cause in your wish list they all fare

seen you cruise on your roller skates
as a li'l kid brother tries 'n imitates
you knew he would fall 'n all his mates
would burst with laughter that irritates!

and your directness could always stun
those old timers that were on the run
in the quiet hunt for the moon 'n the sun
they forgot that the fun had just begun!/original/z.g.