Saturday, August 8, 2009

naisaiku week 25

[ echoes of indian poetry -18 ]

'' Zahid sharaab peene de masjid mein baith kar
yaa woh jagah bata de jahan par Khuda na ho " ~ ghalib

[ Ref : Inner World Outer World by T.N. Dhar - Google Books - 210 pages ]

oh righteous one
let ' ghalib ' drink in the mosque
tell me a place where He's not
let ' ghalib ' have wine .. ~ ghalib

naisaiku / translation / z.g.©

Note :

[ i believe that this couplet is sometimes misunderstood . . ' mosque ' here should apply to any place of worship . It alludes to the Omnipresence of The Lord Almighty .Nothing can be or is hidden from Him .To my mind ' ghalib ' is certainly not seeking a license to partake of wine inside any place of worship . . ' mosque ' or otherwise , all that he is possibly saying is that a vice is a vice
afterall , anywhere and everywhere and that the final judgement belongs to the Lord Almighty.

Ghalib , learned as he was , must certainly have known that such ' permission ' was
anyway out of the question , so he's merely teasing the devout ! .. ]

~~ .. ~~

the right and the wrong
playing a game of ' eyes spies '
playing a game of ' eyes spies '
the right and the wrong ..

{ indian kids play hide and seek & call it ' eyes spies ' }

/ naisaiku / original /z.g.©

naisaiku week 24

[ echoes of indian poetry -17 ]

Laali mere laal ki, jit dekhun tit laal,
Laali dekhan main gayi, main bhi ho gayi laal .. ~ kabir

i went to see red
the red of my beloved
the red of my child , lord , love
has made me red too .. ~ kabir

[as per the devotional traditions of india the lord is worshipped as a 'child ' ~
' baal gopala '~ just one of his ' rupas ' or forms ]

naisaiku / translation / z.g.©

~~ .. ~~

you deal with yourself
when nothing is happening
of something that could happen
you deal with yourself ..

/ naisaiku / original /z.g.©

Friday, July 24, 2009

naisaiku week 23

[ echoes of indian poetry -16 ]

deen gooli mor shonaar khanchaye royilo naa
shei je amar na na ronger deen gooli ~ tagore

my days they escape
from their cage of halcyon
escape from their golden cage
my 'halcyon days'~tagore

naisaiku / translation / z.g.©

[ ref: walt whitman _ halcyon days ]

~~ .. ~~

( ref: john masefield -

- " i have seen flowers come in stony places
and kind things done by men with ugly faces
and the gold cup won by the worst horse at the races
so i trust too " ) ~

betting on a horse
somehow it always loses
murphy's law or hobson's law
ain't no law for luck ..

/ naisaiku / original /z.g.©

Thursday, July 23, 2009

naisaiku week 22

[ echoes of indian poetry -15]

'bada hua to kya hua jaise ped khajoor
panthi ko chaya nahin phal lage ati door'- kabir

tall, the date palm tree
no shade to the traveler
the traveler without shade
could you call that tall .. kabir

naisaiku / translation / z.g.©

~~ .. ~~
in the gloaming hues
tracing a sad melody
then rearranging the notes
return to the blues ..

/ naisaiku / original /z.g.©

Sunday, July 12, 2009

naisaiku week 21

[ echoes of indian poetry -14]

aami tomaye joto shooniye cheelem gaan
taar bodole aami chaye nee kono daan .. tagore r n

i wanted nothing
for the song i sang to you
for the song i sang to you
i wanted nothing .. tagore

naisaiku / translation / z.g.©

again rings the phone
and the hellos are exchanged
but the hellos are exchanged
again the dialtone ..

/ naisaiku / original /z.g.©

naisaiku week 20

[ echoes of indian poetry - 13 ]

tumi je shoorer aagoon lagiye dile mor prane
she aagoon chodiye galo shob khane .. tagore r n

sets my life ablaze
the fire of your melody
the fire of your melody
sets my life ablaze .. tagore

[ could also mean ]

you kindled a fire
of melody in my life
the fire of that melody
it is everywhere .. tagore

naisaiku / translation / z.g.©

assembled beings
replaceable body parts
body parts replaceable
and so will be you ..

/ naisaiku / original /z.g.©

Monday, June 29, 2009

naisaiku week 19

[ echoes of indian poetry - 12]

badal kar fakiroN kaa ham bhes ghalib

tamaashaa-e-ahl-e-karam dekhte haiN.. ~ ghalib

[ Line 2 needs verification / another citation reads - 'tamaashaa-e-ahl-e-jahaaN dekhte haiN ' ]

watch the spectacles
of the graces of the world
of the world of the graces
watch the spectacles' ~ ghalib (~ urdu poetry - )

naisaiku / translation / z.g.©

you consume products
shadowed by advertisements
haunted by advertisements
products consume you ..

/ naisaiku / original /z.g.©

Sunday, June 21, 2009

naisaiku week 18

[ echoes of indian poetry - 11]

" ogo nodi aapon bege pagol para
aami stobdho champar toru,
gondho bhore , tondra haara " ~ tagore r. n.

' lost unto yourself
like mad you flow oh river
the ' champa ' whose fragrance flows
but has lost its sleep `~ tagore

/ naisaiku / translation / z.g.©

sometimes you wonder
how yesterday got devoured
devouring all yesterdays
you wonder sometimes ..

/ naisaiku / original /z.g.©

[Champa ~ Botanical name: Magnolia champaca Family: Magnoliaceae ...]

Saturday, June 13, 2009

naisaiku week 17

[ echoes of indian poetry - 10 ]

" maati kahe kumhar se tu kya raunde moye
ik din aisa aayega main raundungi toye " ~ kabir

[ kabir ~ devotional poet from medieval India - A.D . 1400 - 1500 approximately ]

you keep kneading me
says the clay to the potter
when i would be pounding you
and the day will come ~ kabir

/ naisaiku / translation / z.g. ©

a logic of existence
a logical existence
elimination ..

/ naisaiku / original /z.g.©

Thursday, June 4, 2009

naisaiku week 16

[ echoes of indian poetry - 9]

" Lagta NahiN Hai Dil Mera Ujde Dayar MeiN
Kiski Bani Hai Aalam-e-Napaidar Mein " ~ Bahadur Shah Zafar

have no more heart left
in this forlorn barrenness
in the momentariness
of this fragile world .. ~ Bahadur Shah Zafar

( zafar - urdu poetry )

[After a mock trial in Delhi in 1857-58 Bahadur Shah Zafar , the last Mughal Emperor of India, was exiled and banished to a prison in Rangoon Burma ( now Yangon ) by the British .. He died in jail and was buried there ]

/ naisaiku / translation / z.g.©

you got to survive
so you got to be living
so you got to be living
you got to survive ..

/ naisaiku / original /z.g.©

Friday, May 29, 2009

naisaiku week 15

[ echoes of indian poetry - 8]

" dekh to dil ke jaaN se uthta hai , yeh dhuaN-sa kahaaN se uthta hai " .. Meer Taqi Meer

where does it come from
is it from this life oh heart
( oh heart , is my life burning )
something like smoke , soars..~ Meer Taqi Meer.

( Meer Taqi Meer..~ urdu poetry - legend )

/ naisaiku / translation / z.g.©

the children squabble
but patch up in a jiffy
so patch up in a jiffy
squabble like children ..

/ naisaiku / original /z.g.©

Saturday, May 23, 2009

yours truly

' friend '

your summer shelter
in the morning a tooth-brush
a disinfectant
that open-air village school
this simple neem tree ..

~ twaicoo- 42 /original/z.g.© .

Friday, May 22, 2009



she's a prostitute
and he is a truck-driver
on the road to AIDS
and richard gere plays his part
in aids-awareness ..

[ AIDS - india -richard gere-actor /

- prostitutes and truck-drivers are the high risk groups ]

~ twaicoo- 41 /original/z.g.© .

Thursday, May 21, 2009


' chains'

no more slavery
dreams were created equal
a maid servant toils
looks at the television
and feels like a slave ..

[ 2009 ad - india - the plight of maid servants is sad ]

~ twaicoo- 40 /original/z.g.© .

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

naisaiku - week 14

[ echoes of indian poetry - 7 ]

" ug raha hai dar-o-deewar pay subzah ghalib
hum haiN veeranay meiN aur ghar meiN bahar aayi hai " ~ ghalib / {a different citation reads -

' Hum biyabaan mein hain ' instead of ' hum haiN veeranay meiN '- needs verification }

' green growths on the walls
i am in the wilderness
flaunting green sprouts on my walls
wilderness has me ' .. ~ ghalib

( urdu poetry ~ ghalib )

/ naisaiku / translation / z.g.©

what melancholy
torn by vibrant agonies
vibrant with the agonies
was melancholy ..

{ to diana princess of wales - }

/ naisaiku / original /z.g.©


' stains '

the dhobi washes
the punditji chants mantras
the cleansing is on
ablutions and laundering
who would wash the mind ..

~ twaicoo
39 / original / zg

[ the dhobi - the washerman / the punditji - the priest ]

Monday, May 18, 2009


' education '

it's unflowering
a tree eats up the flower
almost like cancer
the hand of the guru moves
on the child's body ..

~ twaicoo 38 / original / zg

[ news report - teacher molests kids - india ]

Sunday, May 17, 2009


' ? '

worshipped goddesses
harbingers of happiness
flowers unblossomed
why female infanticide
is it not murder ..

~ twaicoo-37 /original/z.g.© .

[. female infanticide - india ]

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


' anopheles '

blood sucking creatures
she shivers with the fever
call the exorcist
the simple mosquito-net
keeps away the ghosts ..

~ twaicoo-36 /original/z.g.©

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

naisaiku week 13

[ echoes of indian poetry -6 ]

' aye ree mai to prem -deewanee mera darad naa jaane koye ' ~ meera bai

me gone mad in love
none can see or understand
can see or understand none
mad me in love , gone ~ meera bai

[ meera bai ~ the beautiful princess ~ devotional poet of the 16th century- - in a time and age when regality was 'divine ' and a commoner could lose his eyes for an offensive gaze -'meera bai' of mewar rajasthan wandered like a minstrel from street to street, singing the praises of her lord ~ ' girdhar gopala ' lost in his love-renouncing a kingdom ]

~ naisaiku / translation / zg ..

matter of a breath
inhale to be exhaling
exhale to be inhaling
a breath doth matter ..

~ naisaiku / original / zg


' TC '

your right has been sold
he thrives on your discomfort
the ticket babu
gulps a bribe to steal the chance
of someone needy

~ twaicoo-35 /original/z.g.©

[ the railway TC (ticket collector )-openly accepts bribes to alott a railway berth (illegally )-and makes it look like an act of kindness-anyone who cannot / will not pay-must suffer ]

Monday, May 11, 2009


' the news '

a soap opera
the girls and women gather
at the village well
just nothing is forgotten
in the back-biting ..

~ twaicoo-34 /original/z.g.©

Sunday, May 10, 2009


' enemy '

the season of rains
like a black-hole in the sky
sucked by a pot-hole
an old man has to struggle
against many odds ..

~ twaicoo-33 /original/z.g.©

[during the rains many roads in several indian cities are submerged under water (clogged drains )-the sick,the old & the children are especially vulnerable ]

Saturday, May 9, 2009

the chai-wallah

' tea'

wooden plank comfort
a road side tea shop abuzz
with philosophy
and politics and cricket
and ofcourse rumors ..

~ twaicoo-32 /original/z.g.©

[ the shade of a neem tree,two small boulders to spread a plank on,a pushcart (on four wheels) with a stove and a milk pan,and the tea shop is up and running! ]

Friday, May 8, 2009


' without ticket '

ticket or WT
stuffy,crowded and stinking
the general coach
a far cry from the AC
on the train of life ..

~ twaicoo-31 /original/z.g.©

[WT - without ticket ]

Thursday, May 7, 2009


' lori '

no bed time story
nothin' would get me to sleep
then came her lori
turning my nightmares to dreams
a mom understands ..

[ lori ~ it means lullaby ]

~ twaicoo-30 /original/z.g.©

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


' work '

it would get to you
the ten headed demon will
get to it instead
your ten fingers are magic
so remain alive ..

~ twaicoo-29 /original/z.g.©

[ravana-the ten headed demon-symbolizing badness~ from The Ramayana ]

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


' matha'

the toddler krishna
what a vanishing artist
with the butter gone
the skimmed butter-milk is left
to face all the heat ..

[indian mythology ~ the young krishna loved to steal the butter, from his own house or the neighbor's, mattered little./ today 'chaach' aka 'matha' ie skimmed butter-milk is regarded as a potent antidote to heat ]

~ twaicoo- 28 / original /z.g.©

naisaiku week 12

[ echoes of indian poetry - 5 ]

" dil- e -nadan tujhe hua kya hai
aakhir is dard ki dawa kya hai " ~ ghalib

my heart so unwise
but what is your affliction
(for you are the affliction)
oh my naive .heart . ~ ghalib

~ nasaiku / translation / zg ..

life of confluence
a rock flows with the river
a river flows with the rock
confluence of life

`~naisaiku / original /zg

Monday, May 4, 2009

Disclaimer/Sr. No. 10 -gotcha babble! /Twaicoo

[ NOTE:-Disclaimer/{IRO The Post dated Tuesday, April 15, 2008 gotcha babble! Sr. No. 10 on this Blog}
- _ To the best of my knowledge and belief the Term " Twaicoo " ( devised by zoya gautam )-noun for a poetic form as described herein above was never in use prior to april 08.2009-wednesday for the purpose(s) of defining / describing or employing the said poetic form mentioned herein or for any other poetic form , of any nationality`~

The use of the term " Twaicoo" for purposes other than this poetic form should not be confused
as being the same,and could tantamount to be misleading

Till april 08.2009-wednesday The Google Search For ' twaicoo ' yielded Nil /. No Matches Found.
as well as @ © 2009 Yahoo! / Search stated that -We did not find results for: twaicoo.-.zg / Tuesday May 05.2009]

one meal

' cutlery '

it remains so green
unjaded and unrusted
the banana leaf
holds a very modest meal
better than nothing..

~ twaicoo-27 /original/z.g.©

[ in the south of india food is served on a banana leaf ]

Sunday, May 3, 2009


' the walk home '

the rythm of life
reaches a happy tempo
speak the tabla syllables
as a dance unfolds ..

~ twaicoo-26 /original/z.g.©

[ the tabla - a pair of indian drums ]

Saturday, May 2, 2009

out worn

' worn out '

at adolescence
a lil' girl fantasizes
of a red sari
the one that you see brides in
but the dream wears off ..

~ twaicoo-25 /original/z.g.©

[ the sari-2 ~ the well known dress of the indian woman ]

Friday, May 1, 2009


' clad in thoughts '

the moon is hidden
behind a foggy fabric
draped in a sari
of cloud and mist and pure haze
intrinsic beauty ..

~ twaicoo-24 /original/z.g.©

[ the sari ~ the well known dress of the indian woman ]

Thursday, April 30, 2009


' ordinary things '

a mundane routine
melodious with her walk
the payal jingles
and the earth serenades me
with the song of life ..

[ payal ~ trinkets worn on the ankles by indian women ]

~ twaicoo-23 /original/z.g.©

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

naisaiku week 11

[ echoes of indian poetry - 4 ]

" unka joh hai farz woh ahle siyaasat jaaneN
mera paiGham muhabbat hai jahan tak pahunche "

( ~ Jigar Muradabadi - a voice from urdu poetry )

here to wherever
politics its duty knows
( left to itself politics )
here to wherever ~ Jigar Muradabadi

/naisaiku 4 /translation/z.g.©

{ loosely interpreted so as to conform to the naisaiku format-
- - paraphrase_ those that indulge in politics / politicking , would know of their duties-mine is a message of love as far as it would go // cited for educational purposes only.}

the teacher teaches
as it's ever unfolding
as it's ever unfolding
teaches the teacher ..

/ naisaiku 4 /original /z.g.©


' april '

igniting april
soaring with the mercury
a summer frenzy
every petal is burning
on the gulmohar ..

/twaicoo- 22 /original/z.g.©

[ the gulmohar tree has flaming reddish-orange colored flowers / Delonix regia / Royal Poinciana - Caesalpinioideae ]

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

no answers

.. ' a question of love '

what is this traction
why do the tides rise and fall
does it not happen
that a moon waxes and wanes
and the chakor weeps ..

~ twaicoo-21 /original/z.g.© ..

[ ~ a popular indian belief that the chakor (a bird) is an eternal lover of the moon ]

Monday, April 27, 2009


' the bride '

a heart is aflame
reflecting the soft twilight
with her mehendi
she holds the hues of first light
in her bridal palms ..

~ twaicoo-20 /original/z.g.©

[ ( mehendi ) -henna / please see the previous post for more info ]

Sunday, April 26, 2009


' mehendi '

burgundy or brown
on her palms the mehendi
elevates beauty
but a heart broken lover
imagines blood stains ..

~ twaicoo-19 /original/z.g.©

[-as per popular indian belief, the darker the color of the mehendi, the greater is the love / mehendi is deemed to be a color of auspiciousness, of good omen /an intricate part of indian wedding ceremonies / ( mehendi ) -henna stains the skin in some color between orange, red, burgundy, brown or coffee./source:www ]

Saturday, April 25, 2009

the night

' kaajal '

blacking out the suffering
this night's a respite
away from a burning day
the kohl of her eyes ..

~ twaicoo-18/original/z.g.©

[ref:: ' kaajal `aka surma-( kohl ) applied by indian women on the eyes / Eyeliner ]

Friday, April 24, 2009


a whirlpool of love
the sway of green foliage
dancing the kathak
a torrent comes to a freeze
and so does my breath ..

~ twaicoo-17/original/z.g.©

[kathak~ an indian classical dance form]

Thursday, April 23, 2009

traditional wear

' does she find a shade '

red watermelons
forty degrees celsius
she looks for a shade
of green or yellow mangoes
on ghaghra -cholis ..

~ twaicoo-16 /original /z.g.©

[ ghaghra -choli- traditional indian skirt and top ]

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

let the love grow

it has rained flowers
in shades of the moon and sun
harsingar petals
carpetting the earth below
for love to walk on ..

~ twaicoo-15/original/z.g.©

[harsingar~ aka parijata- shephali-the stem of the flower is saffron /orange in color and the petals are white.( botanical name is nycanthus arbortristis) ]

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

village urchins

it's all about ice
in the blistering hot sun
the kulfi-wallah
village urchins celebrate
the summer season ..

~ twaicoo-14/original/z.g.©

[kulfi-a form of icecream indigenously made in india]

naisaiku week 10

[ echoes of indian poetry - 3 ] ~

" huyee muddat ke ' ghalib' mar gaya par yaad aata hai
woh har ik baat peh kehna ke yun hota to kya hota " ~

long dead is ghalib
had ' what ifs ' for everything
his thoughts they keep returniing
( but ghalib does not ) ~ ghalib

[ ~ ghalib~ urdu poetry ]

/ naisaiku / translation(draft) /z.g.©

raise the spirits high
this vodka whiskey and rum
this vodka whiskey and rum
raise the spirits high .

/ naisaiku / original /z.g.©


cloistered priestess of the night
embracing darkness
in the scent of her silence
rajanigandha ..

/twaicoo-13 /original/z.g.© // [Monday April 20 .09 ]

[rajanigandha~Tuberose bulbs-growing white flowers with a night time fragrance]

Sunday, April 19, 2009


surahis of clay
the terracotta pitchers
to quench all those thirsts
a potter always at work
digs out the parched earth ..

/twaicoo-12 /original/z.g.©

Saturday, April 18, 2009

an insomniacal moon

strikes a different chord
that flute fragrant with malkauns
half way through the night
an insomniacal moon
melts into a trance ..

[raaga malkauns~ a specific melody structure in indian classical music]
[ED-line 4:the trees,the moon and the stars / line 5-melts replaces 'goes'/go ]

/twaicoo- 11 /original/z.g.©

Friday, April 17, 2009


' drops'

welled up in the eyes
would she spill a drop or two
fetching the water
but the blister on her sole
holds some water too ..

[-girls and women walk long distances in the scalding heat to fetch drinking water]
(post edited-april 18.09)

/twaicoo-10 /original/z.g.©

Thursday, April 16, 2009

hearts / naisaiku week 10

my proposed 'naisaiku' entry for week 10 was-

" infatuation
breaks circadian rythms
breaks circadian rythms
infatuation "..

[ but coincidence had other plans / overlap ]

'naisaiku' /original/z.g.

the commoners

' the british raj-'

looted and plundered
a civilization robbed
the commoners know
done by a queen it's conquest
otherwise plain theft ..

(snapshots of indian history)

/twaicoo-9 /original/z.g.©

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


' governance '

searching for a shade
this sultry scorching summer
what do the birds do
no cooler and no ac
where do the birds go ..

/twaicoo-8 /original/z.g.©

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

' thirst '

' summer '

a taste of water
colorful ice ball candies
this season of thirst
but when nothing does quench it
just taste the water ..

/twaicoo-7 /original/z.g.©

naisaiku week 9

[ echoes of indian poetry 2 ] ~

" Poochtey haiN woh keh Ghalib kaun hai
Koi batlao keh hum batlayaiN kya " ~

' ( for i am ghalib )
and who is ghalib they ask
when they ask who is ghalib
what does ghalib say ' .. ~ ghalib

[ ~ ghalib~widely considered to be the ultimate voice of urdu poetry ]

/ naisaiku /translation /z.g.©

'nother love affair
'tis quietly building up
'tis quietly building up
'nother love affair ..

/ naisaiku /original/z.g.©

Monday, April 13, 2009


' indian summer '

say the mango groves
the haunting fragrances talk
in burning whispers
the sweltering breezes speak
of a koel's call ..

~ twaicoo-6 /original/z.g.©

Sunday, April 12, 2009


' ganga '

do i poison you
for you are so forgiving
oh holy ganges
for washing the sins of man
should i poison you ..

(~a dip in the ganges washes the sins -the scriptures say)
[effluents flow into Ganga at approximately 1.7 billion litres each day out of which -1.4 billion litres is untreated.]

/twaicoo- 5 /original/z.g.©

Saturday, April 11, 2009

a bulb

' little girls '

a little girl reads
her way out of the darkness
a bulb is aglow
simply electrifying
the lives of the little girls..

/ twaicoo- 4 /original/z.g.©

Friday, April 10, 2009

the rickshaw

' babu u no sit i no eat '

the rickshaw puller
pulling his own crucifix
just how can that be
something surely crucified *
the rickshaw puller ..

[in my country india man pulls man on a cycle rickshaw- the puller says:-
' babu u no sit i no eat ' ]

/ twaicoo-3 /original/z.g.©

[ED-could something have crucified * ]

Thursday, April 9, 2009


' what harvest '

a harvest of words
cannot reverse a suicide
the farmers suffer
political bigwigs reap
a harvest of words ..

[ Over 16,600 farmer suicides in 2007 -ref:- ]

/ twaicoo-2 /original/z.g.©

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

carousel / twaicoo


"cannot figure out
who's ahead n who's behind
on the carousel
the cops and the robbers play
a cat n mouse game" ..

[twaicoo-a common central theme_ on the carousel- with two different (or opposite) perspectives /5-7-5-7-5 syllables/ the last line may or may not echo the first]

/twaicoo-1 /original/z.g.©

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

naisaiku week 8

[ echoes of indian poetry 1 ] ~

"aami jene shoone beesh korechi paan "_tagore r .n._

' consciously,with awakened senses i've partaken of the death potion '_

no he's not talking of suicide here_he could well have used the word_which he avoids doing _it is the 'beesh'-the poison of life that he is talking of _ the hemlock that he willingly & knowingly consumes- out of free will ..

'alive i remain
with the senses awakened
that puts me to sleep each day
but never kills me ' ..

/naisaiku /translation/z.g.©

~ ~
keep the stars burning
brighter on a moonless night
brighter on a moonless night
keep the stars burning

/naisaiku /original/z.g.©//ref:-cmnt 1-!nversed Poignancy! /

[POST EDITED-the verse 'carousel' was deleted & replaced by the above-after cmnt 3/ED-AN ABSENCE TWINKLES*]
(Clickthis to find the deleted verse 'carousel' at Sr. No.10- )

Friday, April 3, 2009

naisaiku week 7

(as jeeves would say)
dear all,

unable to find my cmnt posted yesterday @ 'pretty prats' repeated it today as follows_
" hi pretty prats,
was my cmnt as under unable to reach u _

"tears dark with smoke"_
is really expressive-

[_ ' hazaaron tarah ke yeh hote hain aansoo-khushee mein bhi aankhein bhigote hain aansoo-
_nahin jaan sakta inhe yeh zamana ' _ & a crude translation could be -
tears of a thousand kinds_even in joyfulness wet the eyes _the world cannot fathom their depth -
from a great song by 'mukesh' * ] "--

-followed on to the 'naisaiku challenge' & the writeup of 'Andy Sewina aka Danny Wise '_

{& hence this first attempt / kindly forgive the liberty taken with the ' form ' working out with six lines instead of seven}

thousand kinds of tears
the eyes wet with joyfulness
the eyes wet with joyfulness
thousand kinds of tears ..

[ credits- original lines from a hindi movie song rendered by the late mukesh kumar mathur */cited for educational purposes only]

/ translation /z.g.