Monday, May 4, 2009

Disclaimer/Sr. No. 10 -gotcha babble! /Twaicoo

[ NOTE:-Disclaimer/{IRO The Post dated Tuesday, April 15, 2008 gotcha babble! Sr. No. 10 on this Blog}
- _ To the best of my knowledge and belief the Term " Twaicoo " ( devised by zoya gautam )-noun for a poetic form as described herein above was never in use prior to april 08.2009-wednesday for the purpose(s) of defining / describing or employing the said poetic form mentioned herein or for any other poetic form , of any nationality`~

The use of the term " Twaicoo" for purposes other than this poetic form should not be confused
as being the same,and could tantamount to be misleading

Till april 08.2009-wednesday The Google Search For ' twaicoo ' yielded Nil /. No Matches Found.
as well as @ © 2009 Yahoo! / Search stated that -We did not find results for: twaicoo.-.zg / Tuesday May 05.2009]

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