Tuesday, May 12, 2009

naisaiku week 13

[ echoes of indian poetry -6 ]

' aye ree mai to prem -deewanee mera darad naa jaane koye ' ~ meera bai

me gone mad in love
none can see or understand
can see or understand none
mad me in love , gone ~ meera bai

[ meera bai ~ the beautiful princess ~ devotional poet of the 16th century- - in a time and age when regality was 'divine ' and a commoner could lose his eyes for an offensive gaze -'meera bai' of mewar rajasthan wandered like a minstrel from street to street, singing the praises of her lord ~ ' girdhar gopala ' lost in his love-renouncing a kingdom ]

~ naisaiku / translation / zg ..

matter of a breath
inhale to be exhaling
exhale to be inhaling
a breath doth matter ..

~ naisaiku / original / zg

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Andy Sewina said...

Hi Zoya, there's some wise words here in you beautifully crafted poem, I'm taking my time, and breathing in huge gulps of air, and exhaling slowly, enjoying every line, drinking every word, distilling every syllable.