Sunday, July 12, 2009

naisaiku week 21

[ echoes of indian poetry -14]

aami tomaye joto shooniye cheelem gaan
taar bodole aami chaye nee kono daan .. tagore r n

i wanted nothing
for the song i sang to you
for the song i sang to you
i wanted nothing .. tagore

naisaiku / translation / z.g.©

again rings the phone
and the hellos are exchanged
but the hellos are exchanged
again the dialtone ..

/ naisaiku / original /z.g.©


Janet Jarrell said...

I wonder if it is because you wanted to sing for yourself?

The phone one is real - I like to identify.

zoya gautam said...

thanks for coming janet,

the first one is a translation /

have a great day!

( ps _ but surely the birds & the singers make me feel they are always singing for you, for me , for all the folks .. )

Wendy Naisa said...

Pronto! I know the feeling!!

And some wonderful words from Tagore!

I'll re-enter this post on Tuesday, as I've been away all weekend, thanks for posting this!
Andy Sewina

Stan Ski said...

Like them both - great when you can do it in more than one language.

Anonymous said...

you do these translations so well !!

Tumblewords: said...

Tagore is incredibly fine - your translation works beautifully with the form. AND the second one is perfect - yes, it does and yes, they are. :)